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Smoky Mushroom and Black Rice Sushi

25th August 2016   |  A Beautiful Mess

I'm back with more homemade sushi – you can see some other rolls I've made this year here and here. But even if you are not a sushi fan or don't see yourself going to the trouble of making sushi at home, I would still recommend you stick around to hear about the mushrooms that go inside this roll. They are smoky, sweet and just super flavorful. The... READ MORE

Summer patio revamp with a reclaimed wood farm table

25th August 2016   |  Funky Junk Interiors

I can’t believe I’m actually sitting on a newly painted, AND clean patio, compared to just one short week ago! It must have been all that rest we took this summer. I knew once home I’d be antsy to get productive, but I had no idea I’d be doing this! And that just goes to […] The post Summer patio revamp with a reclaimed wood farm table appeared fir... READ MORE

Create Vibrant Floral Photo Pillows

25th August 2016   |  A Beautiful Mess

My childhood summers smelled like freshly cut grass and marigolds, and every time I get a whiff of them while walking through the garden center of my favorite hardware store, it takes me right back. I've got a few marigolds planted on my back porch, but I wanted to find a way to enjoy them even after their blooms faded. So I decided a floral flat l... READ MORE

Progress Report: TV Living Room

26th August 2016   |  A Beautiful Mess

It's been a while since I shared any updates from around my home with you guys. Lately I feel like I have been on a roll! I've been making lots of progress in SOME of the rooms in my house, but most of them still don't feel "done" to me. If that's even a thing. :) But, just wanted to share some progress with you all in our living room.  So I call t... READ MORE

Decoupage Pumpkins and Cottages and Bungalows!

26th August 2016   |  At The Picket Fence

  {Click Here for Tissue Paper Decoupage Pumpkin Tutorial Here} There’s something a little odd still about walking through the grocery store, cart filled with almond milk, apples and a industrial size pack of paper towels, and finding the latest magazine on the newsstands with your photos and project in it. There’s that moment when your eyes land o... READ MORE

Pesto Pasta with Grilled Shrimp and Roasted Red Peppers

25th August 2016   |  Sand and Sisal

Our family are big pasta eaters and love Italian food! I serve pasta at least once a week. What I appreciate about pasta dishes is that they are so versatile, can be served hot or cold, and are perfect to prepare quickly on a busy school night. Second to my love for pasta is shrimp, especially if it's grilled! Today I want to show you a simple and... READ MORE

Venice, Itay–Day 2!

25th August 2016   |  Quiltville's Quips &...

If I had a month of Sundays – it wouldn’t be enough to explore all that there is to see in Venice.Oh, sure – there is the usual “Very High End” shopping districts down quite a few of the narrow alleys in the main areas around St Mark’s square –and we would shake our heads as we walked past mostly empty store fronts with 1,500.00 euro Gucci bags in... READ MORE

The best tools you need for crafting!

26th August 2016   |  A girl and a glue gun

This post may contain affliate links! (This post was originally called…”the one where I try to be like Tremayne.” If you don’t follow Mandy….You should.  She is super handy and amazing with tools. and the molding…oh. the molding. She totally made me think,”Crap. I can build stuff myself. I don’t need no stinking man!” And […] The post The best tool... READ MORE

No Bake Oatmeal Energy Bite the Kids Love

25th August 2016   |  A Step In The Journey

Sprout has been really starting to talk a lot lately, he probably has about 15-20 words in his vocabulary. It’s crazy…he is talking a lot sooner than Chickadee I feel like, maybe because he is trying to keep up with his big sister! And although I wish I could say “mama” was his favorite….it’s not. […] READ MORE

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